Daniel Medeiros

Doctorand @ KTH
Data Engineer / DevOps

About Me

I installed my first Slackware (v10.1) back in 2005. I felt awesome when I partitioned my PC, went through the totally unfriendly installer, and typed startx. I truly broke the Matrix with that command, and all I could figure to do was... play some golf game that came with the distribution.

Anyway, I am Daniel and you'll make me happy with some pepperoni pizza. Since September 2021, I have been a doctoral student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on the area of High Performance Computing and Visualization. Therefore, my research interests are mainly related to computer architectures, profilers and testing new technologies that comes from adjacent fields (i.e., datacenters). I currently work trying to make HPC applications benefit from cloud technologies, such as object storage, contrainer orchestration and monitoring/tracing..

For almost eight years, I've worked as a Research Geophysicist at a Brazilian state-owned company and essentially did data processing and interpretation during that time. Nevertheless, while I still think of geosciences as a really stunning topic, it's not on my professional interests anymore.

I usually speak english, portuguese, spanish and swedish, although I am still learning the last one.  I am a real fan of the 'Final Fantasy' and 'Trails' franchises and will play them every time a new game is released. I (ilegally) subtitled japanese animation (anime) for over 10 years, and even today I watch them simply as a habit. My favorite books are Phillip Pullman's 'The Amber Spyglass', from the 'His Dark Materials' series and George Orwell's '1984'.

Curiosity drives me everyday. As such, I really read a lot: not only books, but software documentation, historical wikipedia articles or simply news. While I feel I've always been a bit on the theoretical side of things, the PhD has given me the freedom to enhance my creativity and try whatever I want without the real pressure of doing bad decisions; hence, trying, failing and learning is what I've been doing the most so far.

Finally, I've followed my dad's steps and became a proficient tennis player, although most people would not say that I am not really good at it.

I'll update this someday.