What is Kuriate?

Kuriate‘ per itself is a wordplay with the japanese pronunciation of the “create” verb. Later, I discovered that it really means “create” on the lithuanian language. It’s also a minuscule isle at Tunisia (written as ‘Qurayyat‘).

Originally, the .br version was supposed to be a game development community, but it flopped. Since I pretty much liked the name and had an e-mail (free Google Apps!), it ended up being my personal blog. As of 2020, I’ve been owning that domain for over 10 years.

This .com domain is a bit younger – only 9 years in use -, but I’ve been trying to make some use of it. The current attempt is to transform it into my ‘research findings website’ (and I believe I have a lot of them), since writing in english attracts a wider audience than portuguese.