About the author

I installed my first Slackware (v10.1) back in 2005. I felt awesome when I partitioned my PC, went through the totally unfriendly installer, and typed startx. I truly broke the Matrix with that command, and all I could figure to do was… play some golf game that came with the distribution.

Anyway, I am Daniel and you’ll make me happy with some pepperoni pizza slices. I’ve been working as a Research Geophysicist at a state-owned company for a while, although I’m trying to be a full-fledged scientist – and you’re probably reading this as I am either looking for a PhD position or already enrolled in one. My interest topics for now are high performance computing (AMP and DVFS systems), machine learning (in particular, Deep Reinforcement Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks) and earth sciences (geophysics and remote sensing).

I can speak brazilian, (broken) english, spanish to the level of discussing politics with a cab driver (I did!) and enough french to buy a Playstation 4 at FNAC (I did too!). Speaking of which, I really like the ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Trails’ franchises and will play them every time a new game is released. I (ilegally) subtitled japanese animation (anime) for over 10 years, and even today I watch them simply as a habit. My favorite books are Phillip Pullman’s ‘The Amber Spyglass’, from the ‘His Dark Materials’ series and George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

Curiosity drives me everyday. I really read a lot: not only books, but software documentation, historical wikipedia articles or simply news. I found myself checking facts about Brexit on The Guardian nearly everyday for over 1 year – and I’m not even british. I feel I am a bit too theoretical as I lack practical experience on most subjects I’d like to work – and this is what I’ve been trying to develop.

Finally, I’ve been practicing kendo and iaido since 2014 (although I recently had to stop for a while) and, as such, I am a 1st dan kendo holder and a 1-kyu iaido holder. From time to time, I engage in other activites, like tennis and swimming.

I’ll update this someday. (Feb 02, 2020)